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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Open seams and stash management

I have made two decisions.

Firstly, from now on I'm pressing my seams open. When I started qulting I always did so, but then I learned you have to press the seams towards the darker fabric. The batting would come through the seam or your toast would burn! Now I'm very relieved to read several quilt designers open seams. I'm happy! That means less bulky seams.

Secondly, I studied Teresa's Fabric Therapy blog and read about her stash organization system. Amazing! I could hardly sleep after that. I decided I have to re-organize my stash or should I say organice, because it's not organinized at all. Especially my scrap stash is a mess. The rumpled and frayed pieces are in two big baskets and I never use them, because they are not attractive at all.

I have lots of tiny half square triangles from flying geese blocks. When you sew an extra seam you get a little half square triangle. And I love flying geese blocks. I began by sorting and pressing them.

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